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Certeza Land
Development Corporation

We combine responsible land development, extensive experience and broad insights and perspective to meet market demands and providing our clients or you with only the best.

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About Our Company

Founded Since 1970
47 Years in Realty.

Founded by Eng. Bernan G. Certeza in Iloilo City, Certeza Land Development Corporation was formerly known as Certeza Realty and focused solely on real estate brokerage, sales and property management. Now, with long years of experience in realty it showcases responsible development.

More About Us

Creating Valuable Assets Is Our Responsibility for Land Development.

To date, we have developed 26 subdivisions and counting. We pride our selves in developing valuable properties to our clients and we will continue to offer what is best for them. You are welcome to take a tour of properties that we have developed.

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Prime Developer of Largest Lots in Iloilo.

Certeza Land only provides what is best for its clients. With its wide experience and insights in land development, it has developed a total 26 subdivisions in Iloilo and 6 of it are partly owned. The company is also a proud member of Construction and Real Estate Builders’ Asssociation (CREBA).


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Our Client Says…

A thumbs up for the successful land development! It’s my pleasure to work with competitive and trusted people. Wishing you for more years of existence and more land or property to develop.

Lino MartinezIloilo

Congratulations in your new website! Anyways, thanks for being our land developer, you are amazing and have skilled people. I am truly satisfied of the output and I am hoping that we can work again.

Eve RicksonLeganes, Iloilo

Certeza Land showcases its worth. They are truly a premiere land developer in Iloilo. As one of the satisfied clients, I am wishing you all the best and more projects to come. Thank you.

Zak ReidSan Miguel