Buying a property is almost always challenging. It could be a pain in the head to think about the endless of things to consider; from financing to permits to location. Unless you are some business tycoon that is earning millions of pesos every month, it is most likely that you’ll have to think long and hard before deciding whether you will buy a property or not.

It could even more stressful if you have a growing family to take care of. More than your financial capacity, your family’s safety, security and happiness are your priority.

As Iloilo becomes one of the sought-after places to stay and considered to be the most livable city in the country, it could not be denied that businesses have been sprouting here and there. If you take a look on the web, there is an endless list of Iloilo properties for sale. So how can you make sure that you get the best for your family?

Here are some factors you need to consider to get a family-friendly home.

Will Your Family Be Secured?

Security should be of your utmost important. Iloilo being tagged as the “next big thing” could be a good thing but along with all the developments are some security vulnerabilities. That is why in looking for a home for your family, security is a must.

There are thousands of subdivisions and villages in Iloilo, how will you know which one is secured? Always do a research. Try to answer the following questions.

  1. Is the crime rate in the area low?
  2. Does your prospect village/subdivision has 24/7 security guards?
  3. Does it have other security presence and measures?
  4. Does it have security fences to avoid trespassers?
  5. Can the management provide you with emergency response contact details?
  6. Does it have security policies for village/subdivision visitors?

If you can answer “yes” to the following questions then you are in the right place in terms of security. But if you answered “no” to any of these questions, it might be a good idea to re-evaluate your choice.

Can It Give You The Service Your Family Needs?

Aside from security, the service your prospect village or subdivision can provide to your family is also crucial. In these modern times, you can’t just seal the deal to a developer without knowing what else it can give you other than a place to stay.

Check if the management provides people to do certain services for the residents. Most subdivisions these days have their own regular maintenance. They could be subdivision cleaners, garbage collector, plumbers, grass cutters and electricians.

It would also be good if your prospect subdivision has an existing homeowners association so your family can ask for support from them in case you need to.

Can It Provide Convenience?

When choosing a property, you should also think of how it can provide your family convenience. As a growing family, you need a place where you can have access to almost everything you need. From access to shuttle services to grocery store to clinics to school, you need to find a property in an area that can provide you with the convenience you are looking for your family.

Does It Have A Happy Neighborhood?

Being in a community where the people is in good terms with one another can help your family have a peaceful and happy place to live in. You should look into how the people get along with others before you buy the property.

Moreover, you can also look at other amenities like clubhouses, swimming pools, basketball court and playground when looking for the subdivision or village where you can buy a property. These are amenities which can help your children and every family member get along with people in the communities and in the process create a harmonious relationship with every member of the community.

Final Thoughts

Never sacrifice your family’s safety and happiness over cheap and affordable properties. There should be a balance. Your initial thoughts and feelings the first time you enter a place is very important. If you think the place will not give your family a home they deserve, try to find other places that will match your needs. Find a property where the price is right and can give your family a happy place to live. Most importantly, find a property that your family can call a home.


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