Iloilo’s flourishing real estate industry is not a secret. With residential units cropping up left and right, the city and the rest of the province is fully opening its arms for local and new residents. No wonder it’s become the place for exquisite real estate.

And if you’re just considering Iloilo as a potential residential space, then be prepared for utter conversion. There’s a reason why Iloilo has been named as one of the most livable places in the Philippines.

Iloilo’s Progressive History

Iloilo’s strong economy gives many residential scouts and homeowners a good reason to find their home in the City of Love.

Without a doubt, metropolitan areas like the Cebu, Manila, and Davao can be attractive because of all of the amenities at hand, but Iloilo is a province that calls for some careful consideration.

In succeeding years, Iloilo’s strong agricultural resources coupled with its industrial and commercial background have supported the rise of premier medical and educational facilities along with BPOs and various retail businesses.

Owning or Renting a Residential Lot in the Philippines

As far as subdivisions in Iloilo go, you don’t have a shortage of choices. Many have cropped up, and yet more are springing up as the years go on.

Iloilo’s “elite” subdivision lots can cost anywhere from Php 4,000 to Php 7,000 per square meter or more. You’ll be glad to know that you can get discounts for cash in some, usually from 10%-20%. However, the prices in newly built and developed subdivisions aren’t usually negotiable.

For starters, you can consider shopping for lots or existing homes in older subdivisions for better bargains. Prices like Php 3,500 per square meter are pretty in fair price for a house in one of the older subdivisions.

So what makes living in subdivisions so great aside from the prices?

  • Security: Iloilo can be quite safe, and even more so if you live in a gated community. Most subdivisions have guards posted 24/7 — imposing strict admission requirements and nightly roving patrols by security personnel.
  • Drainage systems: Being a part of a subdivision means you have access to a sewer system. Plus, most subdivisions have access to municipal water (NAWASA), which can be good for laundry, car washing, cleaning, etc.
  • Lot size: Per square meter costs can run high depending on the rural location, and if you’re purchasing a house and lot package. But as far as lot sizes go, you have options. Smaller lots are easier to clean and maintain and build security measures around. The bigger ones are more comfortable and provide better opportunities for decorating.

Finding Home Sweet Home in Iloilo

We want cities where we can grow and live our lives, with beautiful parks, great people, accessible amenities, and a constant flux of transportation.

And when you look for residential lots in Iloilo, there’s no shortage of those ideal characteristics when we talk about liveability.

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