Iloilo As Property Investment Hotspot

“Iloilo is tagged as the “next big thing” and as something big, it could be difficult to find property ideals for you but there are always people who can help you. There are lots of things to consider but it is important that you know who to trust. Buying properties here in Iloilo is truly ideal and has higher market price value.”

Engr. Bernan G. Certeza
Certeza Land, Founder


What is your goal in buying a property? Do you want a big house, a small one or just right for you? It is essential that you have a goal in mind when finding the right property.


Connected with your goal, it is essential that you have the right budget when buying a property. Remember this, your dream house or ideal lot can be also same to other people.


It is essential that you are connected to the right people, check on their experiences, how long they are in service and what are their accomplishment. Remember, you have the right to choose here.

 “Before you make your final decision in buying a property, remember that there are three important things to consider. You need to think it over wisely, and don’t forget to ask yourself, is the property really worth it?”

-Certeza Land Development Corporation Sales Team

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What Do You Need?

Ask yourself, what you need. Is it for commercial or residential purposes? What amenities or services you need to consider. What is your top priority?

Ask for Assistance

You need the assistance of real estate professionals you get through the process. They can help you in choosing a property that matches your needs and wants.

Get Into Research

With hundreds of developers in Iloilo, choosing can be difficult. Research on real estate developers who can provide your needs or you can ask for referrals.

Know Your Developer

If you are planning to buy a property under a developer, you need to check their reputation. Check their track records and choose those who have good records.

Assess Your Financial Capacity

You need to create a budget plan and you have to stick with it. Determine how much you can afford, since this can answer the type of property you can buy.

Evaluate With Due Diligence

You have to check the property with yourself. Always check on the condition of the property, the neighborhood, amenities, security and more.