We’re in an era where tasks have become quite manageable thanks to the internet. With a lot of DIYs online, we practically think we can do anything by ourselves. This shouldn’t be the case when you either buy or sell a property. In line with this, what are the common mistakes people when buying properties? Here’s a rundown of what to look out for before you take a leap of faith at real estate:

Searching online is okay but…

Almost everything is on the internet. Even your potential life partner can be found somewhere in cyberspace. However, the pitfall in spending too much time online is that you’ll only get to see the wonderfully edited or filtered pictures. The real deal is not often shown in the pictures, so better use your precious time online looking for a reputable real estate agent who you can rely on to find the perfect house on your behalf.

What matters far more than a beautiful house is a good community or neighborhood, and this is what the pictures can never give. The still images can only take your breath away for a moment, and being in the actual place can either extinguish your enthusiasm or excite you even more.

Licensed agents are your guide to acquiring (or selling) properties, and they’re the most knowledgeable people in this industry. DIYs help but an agent walks with you throughout the grueling process. In addition, they’re better at negotiating with the price and they never leave one stone unturned. With that, you’ll be at peace with everything because you know you’re in good hands.

Getting to know a lot of agents is okay but…

Same goes when searching for the one. You’ll inevitably come across a lot of names of top agents in your area, and the process of narrowing down to the most suitable and reputable poses as a challenge to many. However, start off with those that have been in the business for a long time, because being in this business is no easy job. Hence, when someone claims to be an agent for a great number of years, then that agent is professional, has an extensive knowledge, has a strong network of clients from the past and present, transparent, organized and farsighted.

You need not meet every single agent just to pin down the one who can give you the best value for your money and property. A good reputation is not built overnight so why not take your chances on those who have already established a name in the field of real estate?

Looking through a lot of properties is okay but…

Narrowing down your options to the most ideal place to live in and with the best value for your budget will save you precious time looking through a lot of candidates. Filter your options in terms of security, amenities and accessibility – you may add more on the list because you surely have your own preferences. Being specific is important because that only means you have a clear picture of what you really want. Furthermore, having one narrows down your choices, thus the search is easier.

Going beyond your budget is okay but…

Sometimes, the house that captures our fancy is something that goes way beyond our budget. While it could be the house of your dreams but the stakes are high when you’ll go for something you can’t afford. When not guided properly you might fall deep into debt, but with proper guidance you’ll see even the subtle disadvantages brought about by the costs of the property and the process.

If inevitably you’ll need to exceed your budget for the purchase, make sure you can cope with the mortgage. That’s why you’ll need all the insights you can get for a guilt-free purchase.

Bottomline, making such a bold move in life requires the involvement of experienced and insightful individuals – those who have genuine concern for you and your hard-earned money. Remember you shouldn’t be alone in the process, you need to countercheck your options, back you up when there are problems and give you much-needed confidence when you’re about to make the final decision.


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