Napoleon Residences

Napoleon Residences

Tabuc Suba, Jaro

36,849 sq. m.
Napoleon Residences

Napoleon Residences is one of the developed estate of Certeza Land Development Corporation that is suited for people who are looking for a budget-friendly place to live but at the same time convenient and safe. Napoleon Residences is a suburban community that is located at Tabuc Suba, Jaro, Iloilo City. This is a place where you can leave peacefully and you also have access to various necessities and amenities which could bring you convenience.

Napoleon Residences Model House

Access to primary services and needs is never a problem for residents of Napoleon Residences. Being in the rich district of Jaro, Iloilo City, Napoleon Residences is near or a few minutes away from malls, churches, hospitals, schools and universities and bus terminals. Aside from these, Napoleon Village is complete with basic amenities like concrete roads, underground drainage, and complete electrical facilities so residents can live with convenience. Napoleon residences is the ideal place for people who are looking for a budget-friendly but a happy place they can grow their families.

Certeza Land Development has been in the real estate and land development industry in Iloilo for more than 4 decades now. It has built around 26 properties which is now a happy community or a booming commercial strip.

Napoleon Residences Road

Being in the industry since 1970, Certeza Land Development Corporation (former Certeza Realty) has a proven experience in responsible land development. Developed properties by Certeza Land are complete with basic and advanced amenities such as Class A concrete roads, concrete underground drainage, complete electrical facilities, amenities for leisure and perimeter fences, secured entrance and other security features.

You can browse Certeza’s developed properties and see what they have built over the years.

2nd Floor St. Ignatius Bldg., Lopez Jaena St., Jaro
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