Now you’re planning to buy a property yet doubting if you’ll ever get the best value for your money. Conversely, you’re thinking about selling a property but unsure if you’ll ever find a buyer who’ll see your property’s worth the same way you do. You’d rather save yourself from the hassle of taking matters into your own hands, so getting a real estate agent is the best way to get to where you want, but here you are again thinking how you’ll ever find the one. With a myriad of real estate agents to choose from, how can you possibly trim-down the thousands into one?

Here’s a list of things of what makes a good real estate agent provided by IXACT Contact, in order to weed out rather unsuitable real estate agents, making it easier for you to choose the best person for the job.


A good real estate broker is responsible enough to reply to messages or return missed calls promptly. Responsiveness, according to IXACT, is the “Holy Grail in the world of real estate.” Communicating to clients in a way that’s aggressive yet empathetic enough is crucial in building trust and maintaining a good working relationship.


In order to be a good realtor – like other professions – one has to be updated with the latest news and information in the business. Most especially being intimate with the community or neighborhood he’s working around in. This is primarily manifested when the agent gives you all the right information and substantially answers all your queries. This would also show how efficient the agent is. According to IXACT, “top realtors broaden their scope and are always looking at pulling in new leads.”


Reputation is something anyone should take care of. Because with a bad name comes grave responsibilities and loss. A good realtor protects his/her name from being tainted by issues, so they’re careful in dealing with clients and making business for they know word of mouth is far better than a comprehensive portfolio or resume.

Having an extensive network allows agents to connect with a wide range of people easily, and with that they have sort of like a team for support. In that way, says IXACT, “there’s never an area they can’t address for a client.”


Money – big money – is at stake in this business. Good agents empathize with their clients, knowing that it’s stressful and unnerving for them. Clients want to be involved in the process as much as possible, so shedding light on every move made through sending updates, communicating constantly and meeting once in a while is a must. If agents do these and more, it shows their concern for and sincerity towards the people they’re making business with.


Nobody wants an agent who seems to be all over the place especially when huge amount of money is at stake. The broker should get their minds straight and have their minds made up before they even talk to and meet a client.

An organized realtor keeps important documents in file according to their clients, presents and follows a timeline and writes down and copies everything in electronic for backup – form the minute detail to the most important ones. They’re systematic. I like how IXACT puts it, “being unorganized is a terrible habit that destroys professional credibility and portrays a smell of apathy.”


No, not the optical condition we all don’t wish to have. Instead, this is a person who looks at things with the end in sight. Sincere realtors always think about their future with the clients. They would strive to keep the working relationship until the end of the process, because it won’t only be a prospect for more business someday but also a way of building a strong network and keeping a good name and reputation as an agent and as a person.

With all that said, you now know what to look for in a real estate agent. The search would be easier, thus the burden is lighter. At this moment, you have a clearer mental picture of what a good broker looks and behaves. It all boils down to what suits your needs and preferences as a client and an eager and sincere agent exactly knows what to do to please you, giving the best – and only the best – value to your hard-earned money and prized possession.

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